A walk throw Granada at the foot of La Alhambra

One of the most beautiful walks that can be taken through Granada city is, with no doubt, the only one that begins at the foot of La Alhambra, on Paseo de los Tristes, next to Darro River.

From where the Albaicín begins, the last Muslim stronghold on Iberian Peninsula, a historic neighborhood that preserves angel of middle age times, we will enjoy one of the most emblematic panoramic views in the world, under whose sunset we will be immersed in the Muslim glory of centuries ago.

From there we can walk down Carrera del Darro, the most beautiful street in the entire city and there, in front of San Gil and Santa Ana Church, is one of the most iconic Flamenco tablaos in Granada.

The Cueva Flamenca La Comino is a historic Arab cistern where you will enjoy an intimate experience with our artists, with our small capacity, to create an unparalleled atmosphere and to complete and put the icing on the cake of a dream visit enjoying the best flamenco show in the city.