Enjoy closest and most authentic Flamenco atmosphere in Granada.

Cueva Flamenca La Comino Tablao offers you these SNACKS to enjoy a close and intimate experience, thanks to its limited and exclusive capacity.


Gazpacho (only in season) €3
Pumpkin cream €3
Pickled white anchovies with potato chips €3
Fried potatoes with pickled anchovies.
Gildas assortment €3

Iberian ham €6
Iberian chorizo ​​€5
Iberian sausage €5
Cured cheese €5
Semi-cured cheese €5
Mixed €5


PRICE €14 including:

Pumpkin cream cup

Mussels in Escabeche with Potato Chips

Assortment of gildas (classic with anchovies and version with anchovies in vinaigrette, 2 units per person)

Cone per person to choose between: Iberian ham, Iberian salchichón, Iberian chorizo ​​or Flor de Esgeva cured cheese (60 gr.) accompanied by their regañás.